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Love Trust Live


has become the mantra I live by.  Life is a journey and my desire for you is to have a life-changing experience that will teach you to love yourself so that you can love others, trust God in all things, and live a fruitful life. This book shares thoughts and experiences that have helped me learn to live a more fulfilling life by following these principles.  Once put into the proper perspective, Love-Trust-Live is a simplified process for living each day to the fullest, while treating people the way you want to be treated and trusting God to provide the direction needed to get you to where He wants you.

Unfortunately, sometimes the journey has mountains and valleys that you think you cannot get over or dig your way out of, but rest assured that God has your back.  You may not always be where you thought you would be or how you thought you would get there, but it will definitely be where you will do the most good and benefit the most from while learning a few lessons along the way.