• Ramona

What room at home is your quiet space?

Do you have that special place at home where you go to relax? Mine is my back patio. It's cozy and quiet. I could sit back there all day enjoying the cool breeze, swinging on the porch swing, reading, snacking, or just relaxing. Here is how I did it: I hung a drop cloth curtain on an extra long shower curtain rod by folding it over and pinning it every six inches, to make the pocket.

I probably could have sewn it, but I just wanted to get it up. I then draped a colorful quilt over the porch swing. I added some floral pillows, an indoor/outdoor rug, pulled out an ottoman and covered it with a throw. I wanted to hang the painting, but the light was in the way, so I just leaned it against the wall. Eventually, I will add a bistro set on the opposite end to balance out the space. I pulled out an extra dining room chair and found a tray in the closet and added a few plants.

Create a space at home where you can get away. Even if it's a small space. It's good to be able to sit and unwind after a long day of whatever your day consists of. Look around your home for things to recreate your space. The only thing I had to buy was the rug and the long shower rod, both from Amazon.

Share some of your quiet space creations.

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