• Ramona

Okra Fritters with Sausage & Cheese

After receiving a fresh batch of Okra from my sister's garden, my original plan was to pickle them. However, when I got up to start breakfast, I began to channel my mother and father and their ability to take a simple ingredient like okra and make something magical. I decided to make Okra Fritters. I started remembering the smell and the taste of the fritters that my parents cooked when I was younger and started pulling ingredients out of the refrigerator.

It was simple, mix up your favorite cornbread batter and then add some okra, diced onions, diced smoked sausage, a little garlic powder, a few herbs of choice and cheddar cheese. This kind of dish doesn't require measurements, you just add as much or as little as you desire. These fritters cook up rather quickly in a few tablespoons of bacon grease, about two minutes per side or until fully cooked (covering with a lid helps to cook thoroughly).

These fritters can be eaten with or without syrup. Oh the memories that these fritters brought to mind. My mom and dad could take a few leftovers and make a wonderful dish out them. It was nice being able to do the same.


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