• Ramona

Meet George the White Squirrel!

I'd like to introduce you to my friend George. George is a White squirrel. He's not albino (lack of pigmentation, red eyes). He is a beautiful creature that has a morphed gene that caused him to be white. I first saw George at dusk when I was walking a family friend to her car. We saw something white on the tree, which I originally thought was a mushroom, but then it moved. We both yelled to the other, look, a white squirrel. He darted around the tree a few times and then ran up into the fork of the tree where we lost sight of him. We searched and searched but could not find him. Two days later, he came back. He was back in the same tree and was looking down on me when I got out of my car. Other squirrels were playing in the front yard. After going into the house and telling my family that he was back, we all sat at the window on watch duty.

A few minutes later, he climbed down and began to play in the yard with the other squirrels. He dug in the flower bed and jumped from limb to limb. He obviously found what he was looking for which is how we got the photo attached. We decided to name him George, after an office cat that we named George, during the time of the birth of Prince George. He's really, George II, but we call him George for short. This little fella has stolen our hearts. We looked forward to seeing him every day. Sometimes he would disappear for a week or two and I would hear reports that he was spotted down and the end of the street in a neighbors yard. I can remember heading out to work one morning and when I got to the end of the street, there he was, sitting in the middle of the yard, eating. I immediately thought, George, you need to get out of the open before something or somebody hurt you. That was the last time we saw George.

We haven't seen George since late January of this year. I would like to believe that George continued his journey through the neighborhood bringing joy to all who happened to get a glimpse of him. However, I do recall an incident with a large owl a few weeks prior. I was out watering my flowers, trying to take a little pride in the yard, when I heard a ruckus at the side of the house. There was a squirrel on the "George tree" jumping up and down, flicking his tail and making a lot of noise. As I turned, I caught a glimpse of a very large bird with a large wing span. I originally thought it was an owl, but lately I've noticed a family of large hawks that have taken a liking to the oak tree in the front yard. I'll do some research and come back with another post on them. Who is to say what happened to George. I'm just grateful for the opportunity to see this little guy. If you should come across one, be sure to go to http://www.untamedscience.com/biodiversity/white-squirrel/ and register the siting.

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