• Ramona

It's not over!

Life has a way of beating you down even when you think you have it all together. Before you know it, Wham, you have been hit with a sucker punch. At times, it seems that life is not fair. You go from day to day doing everything that you think is right, not mistreating anyone, being respectful, eating right, donating to whatever causes come along and yet you still can't seem to get ahead. When life throws you that sucker punch, do not stay down. Get back up, even if you have to stagger to your feet.

Whatever the situation is, always remember that it is not over until God says it is over. The doctors can say, "I've done all I can do" and that is fine because now is the time for you to put your faith and trust in God. Let Him show you just who He is. I have seen His healing powers when the doctors walk away. I've seen Him work miracles (not parting the red sea miracles), but miracles none the less. God does not always have to part the red sea. Sometimes He can give you the nudge to get back up. It's not over, not yet. Until God says it’s over, you should always get back up. Trust in God’s word for guidance, for healing, for deliverance, for whatever you are in need of today. He has it waiting for you. Talk to Him, Listen to Him, and Trust Him.

No, it is not over. No matter how bad it seems, it is not over. Let the Lord go before you. He will not leave you for forsake you. Do not be afraid and do not be discouraged. Trust in the Lord with all of heart, He will direct your path.

Get up, it’s not over. Your breakthrough is just around the corner!

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