• Ramona

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

All ready? Yes! Christmas is my all time favorite holiday. While some wait until Thanksgiving day or the day after to start thinking about Christmas, it is on my mind every day of the year. I'm always thinking of how I can make it a little more special. What decorations can I add? What new desserts can I add to the list? There's always something. So yes, already. I've pulled out the Christmas china and table runners. I'm looking for charger plates and the perfect centerpiece. I will post new photos as it progresses. So don't wait until the last minute. Start your list and keep your eyes open for the sales. While you are out gift shopping, pick up at least one extra gift to help someone feel a little better. Take it to the nursing home, give it to a child in need. Who in your neighborhood may need a little help? Find someone to add to your list and bless them this holiday season. I promise you that you will be blessed because of it.

I love the elegance of this photo. I'm going to try the chair decorations.

Beautiful place setting.

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