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Cookies Galore

Gift giving can be a stressful time, so to ease the stress I decided to do things a little bit different this year. Instead of buying something that may or may not be appreciated, food was the best option. Since I have a new found love of baking, I decided to bake cookies. I started on December 1st with the first batch of 15 dozen cookies for my writer’s group, Christian Authors Network. Then I decided to bake cookies as my dessert contribution for Christmas dinner. For those that I just couldn’t decide what to get them, I decided to give cookies. Some received a dozen of assorted cookies (coconut macaroons with cherries, fruitcake cookies, a variety of sugar cookies, chocolate chip, chocolate chip with coconut and oatmeal, rice crispy treats made with fruity pebbles, and whatever else I could come up with.) Some families got a few dozen, it just depended on the size of the family. Even my Sunday School class received their favorite, rice crispy treats.

I must say, it was fun. Coming up with creations on a whim and having my sister as the official taster, worked out great for both of us.

I only had to tweak one of them. Seeing all of the decorative boxes stacked and filled was nice too. It actually felt good knowing that the cookies would put smiles on everyone’s faces. Next year I will plan a little better and spread the baking out over the entire month instead of just three days. I also plan to work on cutout cookies, I think I will start with snowflakes. Get ready, get ready, get ready…I’ll be practicing all year.

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